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Dave Dobbins

Presidents Cabinet Member

Tom James of Cincinnati
414 Walnut St. Suite 400
Mercantile Library Bldg
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Cell: 513-607-7005
Office: 513-241-5900
Email: d.dobbins@tomjames.com

What My
Clients Have
to Say

Dave has been my clothier for 20 years and has always been the consummate professional who pays special attention to individual needs. He is well qualified and I would highly recommend Dave for any professional clothing needs.'

Dave Dobbins

I have worked with Dave for over 20 years and have always found him to be very attentive, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile and then some. If you are looking for custom clothing of any kind or casual clothing, you should have Dave working with you.'

Dave Dobbins

Dave has provided a great service that has benefited me professionally and personally. In addition, he is simply a great guy!'

Dave Dobbins

Dave is a superior sales person who is professional, prompt and always follows through with his promises. I have been very satisfied with the clothes I have purchased from Tom James, however, it is Dave's sales spirit and positive attitude that keeps me purchasing from him.'

Dave Dobbins

Dave has always presented excellent clothing options at an affordable price. Dave's creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism have always been first rate.'

Dave Dobbins

Well, Dave, simply but elegantly did exactly as he promised . . . provide me beautifully tailored clothes.'

Dave Dobbins

I knew Dave for about 8 years as my professional clothier. Dave is a professional in every sense: extremely well versed in his craft, makes the effort to really get to know every client's unique needs and desires and translates that into presentation of products that fit them, and is very personable and works well with all types of people. I highly recommend Dave, as he will be an energetic, intelligent and creative value to any organization lucky enough to get him.'

Dave Dobbins

Dave is a real pro. Also doesn’t waste your time... but willing to take as long as you want. I never thought I would pay this much for a suit but now have nothing but Tom James in my closet and won't do business with anyone but David!'

Dave Dobbins

Dave has been my clothier for over 20 years and has always provided high quality clothes with excellent service. His service provides convenience for busy executives. I highly recommended him and his clothing line from Tom James.'

Dave Dobbins

Dave Dobbins is an outstanding clothing consultant who takes the time to understand your personality, needs and desired style in order to recommend the appropriate wardrobe designed to express outwardly what we desire to articulate about our personality to all those we come in contact with on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Dave's expertise to assist you in meeting all your clothing needs.'

Dave Dobbins

Dave has been my personal clothier for 15 years. His product lines will fit any budget. He has educated me on the kind of clothes that I need to wear for my career. Dave is an expert in his field! He is trustworthy, consistent and very reliable. I would recommend Dave to anyone! Thanks Dave!'

Dave Dobbins

When my wife says Dave really has some nice clothing and you look good. What else is there to say?'

Dave Dobbins

Dave has been a big asset to me in building a complete and professional wardrobe over the past 10 years. An expert on fit and style, he has helped me to appreciate the value of custom-made shirts and suits. The convenience of working with Dave in my office, rather than at a retail location, saves me time. Our quarterly appointments assure that I am always up to date and have the right clothes for the coming season.'

Dave Dobbins

Dave has helped develop my personal style and tailored my business and casual wardrobe. I highly recommend him to anyone new or seasoned to the custom clothing realm; very personable and make the whole process enjoyable.'

Dave Dobbins

I was a bit intimidated by the idea of Fine Clothing and was worried (my clothier) would judge my wardrobe. Instead I found a very caring professional who assessed my wardrobe and helped me craft a plan for upgrading my apparel. He even complimented parts of my wardrobe and provided suggestions for accessories. We started with a basic package and I was pleasantly surprised by how much a difference custom made clothing makes in my appearance. I highly recommend Dave.'

Dave Dobbins

I have the pleasure of working with Dave for seven plus years. Dave has consistently delivered superior recommendations on how increase the effectiveness of my business clothing purchases, selection and matches to different environments. I have seen firsthand the positive results of his recommendations and received multiple compliments on my clothing from Tom James Company.'

Dave Dobbins

Local Events:

Trunk Show

Columbia Plaza
250 East 5th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
October 2 & 3, 2018
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

About Me


Merry Go Round 1969-70
None Other But-1972-74
Hamilton Tail.1981-82
Burkhardts 1983-87,
Tom James -1987
Pres.Merit Award 1988
Certif.of Merit 1990
Pres.Commendation award 1993,94,95,
1996-2003,04, 05, 06,08,12,13,14
Pres.Cabinet 2004,07


University of Cincinnati
Pikeville College 1971-72
Princeton High School 1971


My goal in 2018 is Chairman's Club,825,000 in personal sales and to serve my clients beyond their wildest dreams.


2018 brings me into my 31st year with Tom James and 41 years of marriage to Janny !

Our daughter Jackie & Chris blessed us with our granddaughters'Joy in 2005 and Melody in 2006,Samantha in 08.
Also I had relatives from Italy, in the business.


Enjoy playing guitar in my own band and on Sunday mornings at church.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

I am recording my first album in the studio to be released in the Fall of 2017.

Fashion Tips

Always dress to the position to which you aspire, not to the position to which you have.

You should feel good in what you wear. If you don't, call me and we will develop a wardrobe that will
make you feel fantastic!

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