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Dave Dobbins

Presidents Cabinet Member

Tom James of Cincinnati
414 Walnut St. Suite 400
Mercantile Library Bldg
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Cell: 513-607-7005
Office: 513-241-5900
Email: d.dobbins@tomjames.com


About Me


Merry Go Round 1969-70
None Other But-1972-74
Hamilton Tail.1981-82
Burkhardts 1983-87,
Tom James -1987
Pres.Merit Award 1988
Certif.of Merit 1990
Pres.Commendation award 1993,94,95,
1996-2003,04, 05, 06,08,12,13,14
Pres.Cabinet 2004,07


University of Cincinnati
Pikeville College 1971-72
Princeton High School 1971


My Goal for 2019 is Chairman's Club $834,000 in personal sales.My goal is to be an inspiration to my younger partners and give awesome service and great clothes to my clients !


2019 is my 32nd year with Tom James and 42 year of marriage to Jan.
Our daughter Jackie & Chris blessed us with our granddaughters'Joy in 2005 and Melody in 2006,Samantha in 08.
Also I had relatives from Italy, in the business.


Enjoy playing guitar in my own band and on Sunday mornings at church.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

I am recording my first album to be released in 2019.

Fashion Tips

Always dress to the position to which you aspire, not to the position to which you have.

You should feel good in what you wear. If you don't, call me and we will develop a wardrobe that will
make you feel fantastic!

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