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Dash Yost

Tom James of Cleveland
629 Euclid Ave
Suite 1020
Cleveland, OH 44114

Office: 216-575-0320
Email: d.yost@tomjames.com


About Me


2007 - present
Presidents Merrit 2008
Presidents Honors 2010
Presidents Club 2010
Presidents Cabinet 2011
Presidents Executive2012


B.G.S.U. 2006
MAJOR: Sports Management
B.G.S.U Baseball 2002-2006


Serve clients' loyally to the degree they trust and ask me to work with everyone they know...


I am an honest, healthy leader and salesman; who loves his wife, son, daughter, family and friends; genuinely, positively influences people, builds strong, lasting relationships and loyally serves people


Spending time with the wife Maria, son Easton, daughter Lena Kate, family and friends. Coaching baseball, all forms of working out and traveling....

Fashion Tips

90% of the people you meet will never see your house, half of the people you meet will never see your car but 100% of the people you meet will see you and how well you're dressed.....

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