Tom James of Madison
17 Applegate Court
Suite 201
Madison, WI  53713
Tom James of Milwaukee
400 East Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 220
Milwaukee, WI  53202
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"As a professional woman, it is very challenging to find high quality business suits that fit properly, wear well, and stand the test of time. Tom James offers ladies' business suits that are comfortable, fit perfectly, and last a long time. I love wearing my suits and won't go back to department store suits. I like working with Jim because he has a good eye for color and style and wants to ensure that I'm happy with the fit."

Michelle Nelson
Attorney for financial services company

Clothier:  Jim Messman
Tom James of Milwaukee

"I don't like shopping at all. With Tim I don't have to, and I'm able to get things that I genuinely like, instead of just getting something everybody else has. Whether its shirts, slacks, shoes...Tim caters the style and look of everything to what I want and what makes sense for me."

John Hansen
Entrpreneur and Owner of Zero Waste, LLC

Clothier:  Tim Cornell
Tom James of Milwaukee

"Wade has been my exclusive clothier with the Tom James Company for over eight years. I thought I was quite savvy in my own clothing tastes, however, I came to trust Wade's recommendations as to styles and suits. Now I would not even consider purchasing without his advice. The Tom James quality is superior to the 'high end' retailers I had been dealing with in the past. My wardrobe has been completely, over time, transformed. I get compliments, almost daily, on my suits and ties."

Al Wysocki
Attorney, Law Offices of Al Wysocki, Waukegan, IL

Clothier:  Wade Anding
Tom James of Milwaukee

"Tim has built a relationship with me whereby he knows what I like and don't like; what works and what doesn't. I trust his advice and counsel. I have all the confidence in the world that with him I'll look my best. I've never found that anywhere else."

Carlton Stansbury
Burbach and Stansbury

Clothier:  Tim Cornell
Tom James of Milwaukee

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