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Joseph McCoy


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4900 SW Griffith Drive
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Cell: 503-334-9413
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What My Clients Have To Say

Joseph has been my Tom James Tailor for over a decade. He has helped me with clothing necessary for my career and appropriate for my budget every step of the way. I depend on Joseph for advice and insight. I know that, in the clothes he has selected for me, I always look my best. It helps me do the best for my clients and succeed. I cannot recommend Tom James highly enough, all because of Joseph McCoy.

Attorney at Law Draneas & Huglin, PC

Joseph McCoy

I got acquainted with Joseph last year as my personal consultant. I found him to be of high integrity, very personal, and a real asset in helping me be more professional. I value our relationship, both personally and professionally. .

Joseph McCoy

I have been looking for clothes that look great and fit right for a long time. Until I met Joseph I had not found that. Joseph offers exceptional customer service and a great look at a great price. He cares a lot about our relationship and that goes the distance to buy my loyalty.

Joseph McCoy

I have used Joseph for about 5 years to provide me with high quality great fitting suits. He is wonderful to work with and always has ideas that I may not have thought out. I will continue to use him for the years to come because in business the first impression makes a lasting statement. Joseph helps me make that first impression a great one.

Joseph McCoy

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