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Complete your weekend looks with "Third Peices"

By: Kim Keller, Clothier - Dallas, TX
September 7, 2023

What do you wear when a sports coat is too dressy but a shirt is just not dressy enough?

Well, there is a technique of adding a third piece that instantly completes & elevates your outfit. This is easy to implement and it achieves a more refined, stylish appearance.

 The idea behind the third piece technique is that for an outfit to go from good to great, it needs three key elements. Your top and bottom are your first and second elements. The third piece is that extra something that finishes off the whole look. 

Now you may be thinking, “What about my shoes?” Good question, however, shoes are not part of the formula with this particular technique. Yes, shoes certainly add something to an outfit & they can be added elements of interest that make an ensemble even more impressive. But with this technique, the first two pieces are just the top and bottom. The third piece is an added detail, on the top half of the body that makes the outfit shine. That’s the beauty of this technique, it’s simple, straightforward, and easy to implement.

At Tom James, we offer several garments that work very well as the third piece on the top half of your body to complete your look. 

Made-To-Measure Bomber Jackets

First, let’s talk about our custom Bomber jacket. The iconic bomber jacket is a versatile garment that provides comfort, warmth, and style. Bomber jackets go with nearly every casual outfit from jeans to joggers. Bomber jackets are great for smart casual and some dressy casual outfits, but shouldn't be worn in formal scenarios.

Custom Blouson Jacket

Our Blouson jacket is very similar to the bomber jacket except for slightly different styling details like a fly front covering the zipper and a 2 button banana collar which lends a tad more refined look. 

Casual Overshirt

Next, is our new custom Tom James overshirt. Not a shirt, not a jacket, it’s a "shacket" as it is fondly referred to by many a TJ rep. This is a must-have. Comfort with style, a perfect third piece to throw on with anything. Ask your TJ clothier about the fabrics and color choices available in the Bomber, Blouson, and overshirt styles.

MTM Unconstructed Jackets

Next is our lounge jacket, which is an unconstructed jacket with french-facing & patch pockets. We recommend using highly textured fabrics that complement its unconstructed nature & enrich its casual style. This is another ideal third piece to wear with anything and again, provides exceptional comfort and style. 

Stretch Knit Blazer

One more option is our stretch wool knit blazer. This knit blazer is the ultimate in stretch comfort, it is unconstructed and styled with patch pockets so it is a perfect casual yet tailored choice. We offer these stretch knit blazers at 4 different price points from wool to cashmere to Holland & Sherry fabric.

Bespoke Hunting Jackets

Lastly, in our Oxxford handcrafted collection, we offer the Kingsmen jacket and the Montgomery safari jacket. These 2 jackets are unique, stylish sophisticated, and exquisitely made at Oxxford Clothes in Chicago. If you like the finer things in life, be sure to ask your TJ clothier about these two distinctive and luxurious jackets. 

The third piece adds the finishing touches to the outfit. It takes a rather ordinary outfit, jazzes it up, and makes it look like there was some extra effort put in. But in a very je ne sais quoi kind of way.

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"I've now worked with Sarina for over a year. She is an A+ haberdasher and I couldn't be happier in the clothes she has provided for me. I walk into every meeting with an extra bit of confidence, because I know the clothes Sarina has outfitted me with fit great, look sharp and are stylish. Use Sarina... you won't regret it."

Custom Clothier Sarina Brion

Sarina Brion

Tom James of Madison

"Daniel is courteous, respectful and prompt. He is easy in conversation and certainly not a high-pressure salesman. He cares about your appearance and has shown no reluctance to remind me that my taste in attire is occasionally suspect or of another time! His ideas on clothing and how best to display them is a valued and respected source for me. It is without hesitation that I recommend him at every appropriate opportunity."

Custom Clothier Daniel Wiebracht

Daniel Wiebracht

Tom James of East Texas
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