What’s This Receipt For a Ring All About?

A Real Groom Speaks Up

Liz suddenly appeared at the front room door and asked, “What’s this receipt for a ring all about?” The cat was out of the bag! It had been raining that day and Greg had emptied his suit coat pockets on the kitchen table, forgetting that the receipt for the ring was among the contents. At that moment, Greg realized that whatever plans he still had for a surprise wedding proposal had been dashed. True love undeterred, Liz still said yes, and Greg made it “official” by proposing a second time a few days later, complete with amazing views of London and a bottle of fine champagne.

It rained again on the day of their wedding, but Greg maintains that, could they do it over, he wouldn’t change a thing. They were married in Northwest, England, in a church adjacent to Liz’s childhood school. Their reception was held in a farmer’s field near her lifelong family home. Being close to one of their homes was particularly special. Fortunately, it was a marquee reception (under a tent), so the rain was not too much of a bother.

“It was a complete fairy tale of a day for us – the church, the marquee, the food, the awful weather, all our friends and family together – one that hardly a day goes by without us mentioning,” said Greg. “One moment we both particular remember is being picked up on our friend’s shoulders on the dance floor with the band playing. Amazing!”

Greg wore a three-piece light grey suit with a silver tie. His ushers wore grey suits with dark grey tie. (The suits were part of their gift for standing up with Greg.) Greg said, “I have never been particularly keen on the morning suit look so was keen to have a smart three piece suit and felt that light grey was the best ‘summer suit’ look.”

“My groomsmen did a great job,” Greg tells us. “I had my oldest mate as best man and three other mates from UNI (short for university. Go figure!), one of which had travelled from San Antonio, Texas to be there. Each had their jobs: master of ceremonies, a reading during the service, being in charge of the music at the church, bride arrival, hymns, etc. But my Best Man really stole the show with his speech, absolutely brilliant. He had people howling with laughter like they had gone to see a stand-up comedian. I am just glad we have it on video.”

Note: If you are planning a wedding, make sure you are having it filmed!

Greg’s and Liz’s story is a reminder to keep it fun, go with the flow, and connect your day with all that is most important to you. Like the song says, Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you,…you can go to extremes with impossible schemes and you can laugh when your dreams (plans) fall apart at the seams…if you’re young at heart. Despite a little rain – and a couple of other small set-backs – they had their fairytale wedding.

Do you have a wedding story to share?

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