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50 years of Customer Satisfaction


"Jordan Yocum does a great job, he's an enthusiastic and energetic salesman and provides a great product. I highly recommend he and the Tom James Co."


Jordan Yocum

Tom James of Louisville

"For over 20 years Elaine and 'Tom James' have been my 'go to' clothier. It's easy, efficient, high quality, priced right and 'on target' for what the executive needs. I'd encourage any professional, young or old, to consider Tom James."


Elaine Skoglund

Tom James of Chicago Downtown

"I have been buying custom clothing from Melissa for several years. She is extremely professional and provides great advice. The clothing is always top quality and looks great. I have recommended Melissa and Tom James to many friends and co-workers. Everyone seems really satisfied with the clothing and loves working with Melissa!"


Melissa Hodge

Tom James of New York

"I have been a customer of Tom James for almost 20 years and am extremely pleased with their offering. My partner in clothing Ralph Decker is extraordinary in his understanding of my needs and my fitting. The fabric choices are wonderful and the value proposition excellent. I am often asked where I purchase my clothes because of how they fit and look.The convenience of having this service at your place of choice and the ongoing tailoring on existing clothing as needed is amazing. They are a great value."


Ralph Decker

Tom James of St Louis

"Kim Keller was as attentive, professional and courteous the day I met her in the mid-nineties, as she is to this day. I use only Tom James for my formal wear needs and I use only Kim Keller when it's time for an update to my wardrobe or if I have any unique attire needs for a special occasion. I no longer live in Texas, and there at tens of thousands of options here in Chicago for men's clothing; I still call Kim when it's time for a formal clothing purchase."


Kim Keller

Tom James of Dallas

"I have interacted with many professional clothiers over the years but Jack is by far the very best and he's now my exclusive clothier. His superb sense of style, ability to instantly see what my style preferences were-and actually how to improve them! I am absolutely delighted with the custom shirts I ordered and look forward to buying a number of suits and jackets from him. Jack is very personable, has a wonderful sense of humor and is easy to work with. I highly recommend him to my friends!"


Jack Tiernay

Tom James of Washington DC

"Dave has been my clothier for 20 years and has always been the consummate professional who pays special attention to individual needs. He is well qualified and I would highly recommend Dave for any professional clothing needs."


Dave Dobbins

Tom James of Cincinnati

"Melanie has been my favorite source for professional attire. She knows he product and has a passion for her profession. I have enjoyed working with he over the last several years. I can point to my favorite clothes in the closet and know she likely helped secure them."


Melanie Highsmith

Tom James of Charlotte

"After many years of dissatisfaction with several of Dallas' most exclusive clothiers I was introduced to Jason Caldwell and The Tom James Company. Three years later I can say that for the first time I am completely satisfied with my wardrobe. Tom James quality, fit, selection and value are second to none. Jason has taken an outstanding product and delivered it with world-class service. Thank you Jason and Tom James for making the clothing experience a pleasure."


Jason Caldwell

Tom James of Dallas

"I have worked with Mark for six years now and I have found him to be the most professional consultant I have ever worked with in my career. Mark knows the business and he offers expert advice in that regard. It is important for a business professional to look like one. I consider my purchases from Mark to be an investment in my overall business and personal presentation. I highly recommend Mark and his products."


Mark Young

Tom James of Greensboro

"Victoria has been helping me with my clothing needs since I moved to New York in 2009. She has a great sense of what looks good and, more importantly, what looks good on me. She understands my style and my business environment and I have never had a bad experience with her or an unsatisfactory outcome. Victoria is fun and enthusiastic, great with the details and makes the entire process very easy for me."


Victoria Bate

Tom James of New York

"Sarina has been calling on my clothing needs for 2 years. She is professional, determined, and trustworthy. The most amazing thing is her honesty. If an article of clothing does not look good or is not a great color on me she lets me know. Normally a clothing sales person will tell you everything looks good, and that is not always the case. She goes out of her way to make sure the customer is happy with the items purchased. I could not be happier with her commitment to me as a customer and look forward to working with her in the future."


Sarina Klosterman

Tom James of Madison

"Just acquired a couple of new suits through Ben. Very pleased with the quality, cut and fit - immeasurably better than off-the-rack and very well finished. Ben was very professional and, having bought high quality suits in the past, these are as good as I have seen (if not better in some of the attention to finish and detail)."


Ben Mayer

Tom James of Brisbane

"I met Tom a couple of years ago through a mutual friend of ours. I had already purchased my first two suits from other folks in Tom's business and never thought I would need another provider. However, since I met Tom, he's not only become my Primary provider of Business wear, but I consider Tom to be a trusted friend with the utmost Integrity. Tom is very detail-oriented."


Tom Presby

Tom James of Cary

From Our Clients

"In addition to being a great guy, Daniel has great stuff. He's easy to work with and a big help. I'd recommend Daniel to anyone."

Custom Clothier Daniel Shakeshaft

Daniel Shakeshaft

Tom James of Chicago Downtown

"I am delighted with not just the fine, tailored clothing, but also the honest advice and dependable service ..."

Custom Clothier Dash Yost

Dash Yost

Tom James of Cleveland
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