Men's Wardrobe Journal

Autumn Winter 2012

Sustainable Fashion  

Like a one-hit-wonder, most fashion is fleeting. Sustainable fashion, on the other hand, is both enduring and commanding of respect. Grounded in classic patterns and silhouettes - Tom James for Fall 2012 strikes the perfect balance between timeless and cutting edge. Taking center stage is an autumnal palette of classic tweeds, lightweight flannels, and rich Donegals-where town and country meets urban chic.

Fashion doesn't care how old you are (or aren't); it cares if you have an opinion, a mission statement and if you're willing to "wear it on your sleeve." Here at Tom James, we have a deep love of the old and a respect for the new. It's in our bones to weave old traditions with modern innovations, to adopt old world skill and expertise and give them fresh interpretation and direction. We are rooted in individuality, uniqueness and finding your style--no matter if we're talking gentleman's cut or an updated trim fit.

When it comes to suiting up, there are rules-this you know. We do like to break the rules now and then, but this season we're not breaking the rules; instead, we're setting the season's trends for how to dress a man. We took your beloved sport coat material, immersed it in autumnal colors of a Donegal fabric and classic rich plaids, and made it into a full suit--the smart suit. It's not only versatile and prepared, but it gives you the freedom to be mercurial by mixing colors and textures and patterns to create a tapestry of tangible taste.

Durable and tenacious, our rich Donegal tweed is woven with erratic freckles of color, giving each piece its own unique landscape of texture and hues. You can take your Donegal tweed anywhere-it's smart enough for your sterile board meetings, quipped enough for your cocktail hours and classy enough for your benefit dinners. It's versatile and easy to work with--take the classic plaid or Donegal coffee brown sport coat and pair it with navy cords or flannels. Adding a gingham shirt not only creates dimension, but it's perfect for city and country. Add a killer tie (think thick cashmere-wool blends) and you're ... well, you're ready.

Gatsby and Gable  

Come on "old sport," let us take you down a gentleman's road with our Gatsby-like couture-think West Egg, East Egg, topless cars, neat cocktails, twinkle-lit parties - think rich cashmere wool blends and classic tweeds. Add a vest, a bow tie or a cardigan-great; add whatever you like, but think three-dimensional- think layers. This season our fashion palate is groomed for 1920s love, and so is your armoire.

"You always look cool; the man in the cool beautiful suits."

Three's a Charm  

Is there anything better? More handsome?...or something more descriptive than a man in a three-piece suit? If there is, it's a man in a three-piece suit with a pinned-collar dress shirt. The pinned collar-starched, model and exemplar of a telling accent; subtle, yet so pivotal to fashion etiquette. So let us introduce you to our classic three-piece suits.

First comes our relentless love for chalk-striped navy. Refined, strong and distinguished, our navy, chalk-striped flannel suit with a double-breasted vest spells out smart, purposeful and handsomely honest. Pair it with a polka-dot tie... Mr. Churchill. Grey glen plaid gets our motor running. Whether your taste is a bow tie or a crisp pinned-collared dress shirt topped with this season's hottest tie color-dark crimson-you will look great - Gatsby great.

Not Afraid of Comfort  

Let's be honest, at the end of the day, we all just want to be comfortable. Women in their heels (enter flats); men in their suits (enter cords and sweaters and sports shirts). This autumn, let Tom James upgrade your casual staples to comfortable, luxury class, because we don't believe your luxury wardrobe has to stop at 6:00 p.m. on Friday.

Enter Holland and Sherry sportswear-known for its rich, comfy fabrics that wear exceedingly well and feel incredible. To tantalize your wardrobe ... Holland and Sherry's two-ply pure cashmere rib and cable-knit sweater is knit in Scotland, home of the finest cashmere knitwear. Using only the finest fibers from the underbelly of the Kel goat, our Holland & Sherry knitwear exhibit superior fiber strength, length, luster and softness.

These pieces take luxury to a whole new level, transforming luscious fabrics, weaves and accents into weekend wear that is perfect for your spontaneous getaways to the mountains or vacations to Europe. These pieces give your 9 to 5 wardrobe and causal off-the-clock wear continuity. From holidays and weekend escapes to client outings and board meetings, your wardrobe needs to make the same statement and reflect the distinguished man you are. That's why we're happy to introduce you this fall to Holland and Sherry's very limited supply of luxury sportswear.

How's that for a perfect weekend?

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