Expand or upgrade your wardrobe more effectively with custom packages

You have a choice. You can build your wardrobe one suit, one shirt and one tie at a time. Or you can build it more quickly-and more affordably-with our Packages.

When purchasing garments in a Package, not only do you save, but your shirts and ties will be perfectly matched to your suits - and they will all wear well together.

Tom James offers two styles of packages, each designed for a specific client. Classic Packages will appeal to the client looking for the broadest selection of fabrics, while Value Packages are ideal for the client looking to maximize their investment.

Classic Packages

Classic Packages offer the full range of suit and shirt selections from each of our custom collections, complemented by a gift certificate off your next purchase.


Value Packages feature a special seasonal selection of suit and shirt fabrics, all offered at fantastic savings to you.