Reflecting what Matters Most

Does clothing make the man or is it a reflection of who he is on the inside?

In addition to the Smith family, who we featured last week, we recently went behind the scenes with three other Tom James clients: Tim, Greg, and Edward. Each man represents a different generation, a different industry, and wears a different style. Tim, 27, is a rising star in the commercial real estate business. Drafted into the Air Force during the Vietnam war era, Greg is an owner and the President of a successful interior design business. Edward, who passed away at the age of 88 just a few weeks after sitting down with us, had been an insurance professional for 63 years.

Our lofty goal for these conversations was to uncover a fresh perspective on who our clients are, how they define success, and the part we play. What I heard is that we help our clients to feel exceptional, make the desired impression, and reflect on the outside who they are on the inside.

During the next week we will share three brief videos of each man telling us about his work and his perspective on professional clothing. We begin today with Tim. As a young man, the sense of empowerment that Tim gets from wearing a high quality, well-fitting suit gives him an edge. In the highly competitive world of commercial real estate, every advantage makes a difference. As you hear him tell it, listen closely for what Tim believes his clothing choices communicate to others.

Love what you do. Hold your head high. Be an inspiration to others.

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