Warm and Dry

I was standing on the commuter train platform this morning with 8 minutes until the next train. A blanket of fog draped the landscape. Only the very top of a nearby mountain range was visible. I saw a man standing there without a coat of any kind. He looked uncomfortable. I noticed that at least a couple of people were wearing gloves. I was certainly glad to be wearing my Loro Piana storm system coat. I’m ordering a new set of gloves today. I left my umbrella in the car, but I always have one in the car and another at my office this time of year, just in case.
Are you prepared to stay warm and dry during the next few months?
Maybe not as ready as you would like?
Here are a few outerwear options that will help you stay warm and dry this winter…..

Charcoal Gray – Hipster 3-in-1 Car Coat available in Olive or Black

The 3-in-1 Coat is the most versatile coat we have ever offered, fitting into the strongest trend in outerwear this season – that of maximum versatility and functionality. The second layer is actually a ‘removable’ windbreaker that can be worn separately.

Loro Piana Storm System available in Charcoal (or navy) Micro-blend, Raglan sleeve Raincoat available in Taupe or Black
Cashmere-Lined Suede or Calfskin Gloves Patterned Scarves

In addition to these items, there is still time to have a top coat, tweed jacket, and new flannels made for most of the true winter season. There are still plenty of cashmere and wool sweaters on the shelves. Be well. Warm and dry.
Enjoy the Season!


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