Your Ultimate Super Hero: DAD


As a child, I was impressed to no end by the caped crusader – Batman. I was especially enamored with gadgetry and powers of the Bat Cave and the Bat Mobile.

Superman held a similar and even more profound fascination, probably because of his ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound and to run faster than a speeding bullet.    My boyhood attempts to fly down the stairs, with my favorite blanket as my cape, failed miserably and painfully, so the fact that he could fly as high and faster than a jet airplane put him over the top.  In addition to those two, many other fictional super heroes, from Spiderman to R2D2, have filled up comic books and entertainment screens, providing us with a fantastical type of inspiration and first-rate entertainment.


As I got older I became (and still am) even more impressed by the seemingly super human abilities – whether athletic/physical, intellectual, or artistic/creative – of certain real people.   Real people doing amazing things can also be highly entertaining, with the added bonus of inspiration that isn’t so fantastical, but more believable.


As much as we love to see people, real or not, doing amazing things, the people who are the closest to us, who love us without condition, or who have touched our lives in a personal way that saved us from harm or raised us up to a new level of thinking and doing are our true super heroes.  For me, certain teachers and coaches come to mind.  The client who has gone out of his way to help me build my business.  Of course, a variety of emergency service personnel, doctors and nurses, and those you serve in our armed forces (though not necessarily known in a personal way) are on that list as well.  Above all others (more often than not), the people who brought us into this world, our first and most important role models, our parents, are our truest heroes.  Once as a boy and now as a man, my Dad is my ultimate super hero.  You probably feel the same way.


Every year, on Father’s Day, we give particular focus to that man who made it all possible, who has provided so much for us that words alone cannot express our gratitude.   Sure it’s the thought that counts, but a little gift now and then adds to the impact of those thoughts.  If you’re not sure what give Dad this year, anything from this list of truly innovative items is sure to honor and delight your ultimate super hero:

Batman CL


Super Hero cuff links.   What better gift for your super hero than cuff links that will remind him of a favorite super hero from his childhood?


Power Stays.   Does your shirt collar ever slide under the lapel of your jacket or do the collar points sometimes look like they are ready for takeoff when you’re not wearing a tie?  What if every point and spread collar shirt could be easily turned into a hidden button down collar, giving you maximum control over how it looks and behaves?  That is exactly what you get with magnetic collar stays from wurkin stiffs.


Leather Accessories.   Most men don’t replace or update their wallets and money clips as often as they should.  This is an ideal occasion to give the gift of leather accessories from Bryant Park, all made in the USA of superhero quality for the discriminating, style conscious man.


Business and Travel Cases by TUMI.  Innovation, quality, and reliably solving real problems are all hallmarks of the TUMI brand.  On average, someone who gets one product from TUMI ends up owning at least seven TUMI products.  If he is not already a collector, this is a great time to get Dad started.


Sunglass Cases by Holland & Sherry Bespoke.  Sunglasses are often damaged simply because they aren’t properly protected when not being worn.  H&S Bespoke cases offer elegant, stylish protection.


 Ties and Pocket Squares.   Last but not least, while the idea of giving a tie on Father’s Day is not new, Dad could probably use a new tie or two that look current – the right width, color, and pattern to complement his current jackets and shirts.  A lot of men are now wearing a pocket square to complement their tie or as an accent piece in place of a tie.

Follow the Tom James 12 Essentials Gift Guide and you are sure to be a hero to your ultimate hero.



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