It’s a Family Affair

From One Generation to the Next

Certain experiences, places, and treasured possessions get even better when shared with family and good friends. The families we admire most are rich in such shared experiences.

As we approach fifty years of service, we are gratified to learn that our clients view their Tom James experience in that way. Well-made clothing that fits, service that goes above and beyond, expert advice and, most important, a relationship with a trusted advisor that often turns into a friendship are all part of what makes the Tom James experience one that gets passed down through the generations.

When I joined Tom James, my early mentors taught me that we were, primarily, in the “people” business. While clothing is our product, helping people get what they want out of life is the essence of our business. That principle is particularly evident in the legacy or “generational” relationships that we enjoy.

During the month of September all of our social media is highlighting the unique blessings and joys of family and shared experience.

It’s a Family Affair,

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