That My Own Style Be My Own

“I much prefer that my own style be my own,” wrote Petrarch, “perhaps uncultivated and rude, but made to fit, as a garment, to the measure of my mind (and body), rather than to someone else’s, which may be more elegant, ambitious, and adorned, but on that, deriving from a greater genius, continually slips of, unfitted to the humble proportions of my intellect.” (Italics are mine.)

Petrarch (Francesco Petrarca) was a 14th century scholar and poet, considered to be the Father of Humanism. Clearly the idea of thinking or dressing in one’s own way is not at all a new idea, but is one that has been tested by time and proven of immense value by people of all stripes who want to intentionally project something about themselves. When an idea, or certain way of dressing, has truly become your own, it rings of authenticity and the world can’t help but take notice.

What is the measure of your ambitions for this New Year?
What are the proportions of your personality and character?
How well do your wardrobe and the way you wear it fit the measure and proportion of all that you are and aspire to be?

The way that your clothing is cut, the way it fits, and the amount and coordination of color and pattern you employ, among other considerations (the car you drive!), all impact how you are perceived by others and work to reveal your personality, character, and ambition. This month I will delve into:

  • How individuality is revealed in your clothing
  • How to effectively mix patterns and color to project the desired result
  • How your Body Type determines the Cut of your Clothing

Buckle your belt, keep your pants on, and get ready for the best year of your life!

Yours in all things Sartorial,


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