Proportional Challenges Dressing for your Body Type Part 3

Last week, Rob asked for guidance on how to dress his 6-foot frame on a limited budget.

Rob, they say the ‘devil is in the details’. I can confidently say the devil is in ignoring the details. Details count.

Details/Construction – Coats

  • Your clothing should fit a bit on the easy side.
  • Coat lapels should be regular to slightly wider with notches that are not too close to the shoulder line. Current fashion would suggest a lapel width of 3” to 3 ½” or slightly wider if the lapel is peaked (comes to a point instead of being notched.) A natural shoulder line, slightly extended but not too padded or roped, is preferable.
  • Details, details, details. Flaps and pockets add substance and dimension. Add a ticket pocket to some of your suit or sport coats. Side vents are your best choice for the back of your jackets. A puff-fold pocket square is a good idea.
  • Two-button and double-breasted (6 buttons, 2 to button) jackets provide good lines for your build. Try to avoid three button coats with the top button being functional. (You’ve no doubt heard the “bean pole” or similar reference enough already. Let’s put a stop to that.)

In the next installment. – shirts! And in the mean time, check out The Virtual Tailor!

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