Proportional Challenges: Dressing for your Body Type Part 2

Last time, Rob asked for guidance on how to look great at his height of 6 feet – and on a limited budget.In your case, Rob, your height is on the tall side of average, which is a natural advantage and something to accentuate, but you will want to wear clothing that fills out the horizontal to balance and refine your look. The following guidelines will give you more detail on how to do that:


  • Emphasize the horizontal and widen your overall appearance by wearing more clothing with a horizontal element in the pattern, i.e. plaids and checks.
  • The best fabrics for you are those with texture and substance (or at least the appearance thereof) such as flannel, tweed, oxford cloth, twills and herringbones, etc.
  • Avoid fabrics that cling.
  • If you want to wear stripes, consider those that are wider set…. at least 3/4” apart. The further apart the stripes, the bolder they can be. The same advice holds for checks and plaids. Tighter patterns should be more subtle while broader patterns can be more intense.

Tomorrow, we talk construction! And in the mean time, check out The Virtual Tailor!

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