New Year, New Look? (Part 1)

Ten Sure Ways to Successfully Mix Up your Look

Aaron W. writes: It’s a new year and I’m looking to really change up my look. You know, take it to the next level, as they say. Any thoughts on a few simple ways to get it done without having to re-do my closet?

TomTalks: It may come as no surprise, but I live to answer questions like that. What could be more fun than figuring out a new way to mix up or punch up your style? In this regard, I like to keep things simple and direct. During the month of January I’m going to give you 10 great ways to mix up your look this Spring.
Here are the first three to get you started:

Add a Ticket Pocket to your Jackets

While this trend has been gaining steam over the past few seasons, the ticket or “cash” pocket likely originated in British equestrian and hunting circles so that riders and hunters wouldn’t have to unbutton to access money to pay the toll or tip the gatekeepers while on the hunt. Some would suggest that this additional pocket is a sporting detail and makes the garment less formal than it would be otherwise. Whether or not you will ever actually use it is really not the point. While some designers have been adding them to ready-made suits, the ticket pocket remains mostly a custom detail that adds a modern, distinguished, British accent to any tailored jacket.

Practically, the ticket pocket is good design for the tall man (especially the tall and thin man) for whom the more details the better. Forgetting what I just said earlier about its dubious potential usefulness, I recommend stashing within a small stack of business cards and maybe an extra twenty or a C-note in each one. You never know when you may need to reach in there for it to save the day. Why not have one added to your next custom suit or sport coat?

Go West Young Man!

You’ve been wearing flat front pants for several seasons now. With American/USA Heritage styles continuing to drive fashion, consider evolving your look with the same cut and fit, but a change of pockets. Western pockets make a rugged, old west statement while maintaining a clean, trim look. The western pocket is just one of many available trouser options.

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Stripes are Strong!

Whether a bold contrast or a more subtle complement, striped ties are substantial and trusted.

Note: Striped ties show best on shirts of solid color or muted pattern.

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There you go. Three quick ideas and more to come.

What’s one way that you are mixing up your look this season?

Sartorial Regards,

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