One dimension, Two dimensions, Three Dimensions…Five?


You may not exhibit five dimensions, but you certainly aren’t one dimensional either

Physicists talk about there being at least five dimensions. Jim McGuinn, guitarist for the rock band The Byrds, even wrote a song about it called “5D (Fifth Dimension).” In a 1966 interview he stated, “It’s sort of weird but…what I’m talking about is the whole universe, the fifth dimension, which is height, width, depth, time and something else. But there definitely are more dimensions than five.”

Most of us are fairly satisfied to live in a three dimensional world. Movies and television programming in 3D is still a fascination that most of the world has yet to experience. The point is, considering the obvious reality of 3D and at least a theoretical reality of 5D and beyond, none of us would be content to live in a world of 1D. To put it in sartorial terms, there are times when a suit is overdressed and times when jeans and T-shirt are exactly right. And there are times when something in between would be the most appropriate. Even the one among us who seems lacking in personality is a complex creature with multiple dimensions and in need of a wardrobe that can support each one of them.

In case you’re thinking that you’ve stumbled onto the wrong blog, this is TomTalks and you have not entered the twilight zone. All of this is to say that we at Tom James completely understand you are not one dimensional in your life, or with your wardrobe, and that we are well-prepared this season to assist you with every dimension – from business, to formal, and, of particular note, a broad range of casual.

During the next few weeks we will be opening up the world of your favorite brands (or soon to be) that provide casual clothing with the quality and fit you have been asking for and deserve to be wearing.

Your “5D” sartorial conscience,

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