Button-Up Shirts: The Right Balance, the Perfect Mix

Dressing in a way that allows you to move confidently from a day at the office to a night on the town is all about striking the right balance between tailored and relaxed, the perfect mix of dressy and casual elements. Within the world of Tom James, a brand that epitomizes this attitude with a modern, global perspective, are dress shirts and sport shirts from Gitman Bros. of Ashland, Pennsylvania.

The shirt, tie, and vest combination shown here could just as easily be dressed up with a gray flannel suit or dressed down (perhaps removing the tie and opening the shirt collar) with a pair of jeans. The shirt above (purple and blue check) could be tucked in, then add a blazer or relatively solid sport jacket and you are ready for more important business in a casual environment.

At Gitman Bros., craftsmanship and technology – a perfect mix of the old and the new – go into each and every shirt and tie they make. More than 80 minutes and 50 steps go into the creation of a shirt, which is made of 25 separate pieces.

While the brand is steeped in heritage, the Gitman creative team is continually innovating, constantly adapting to what the discerning customer demands and expects. This strategy is meeting with wide appeal not only in the U.S.A. but in many other parts of the world.

In the words of esteemed menswear veteran and President of Gitman, John Minahan,

“Menswear today is about total versatility of wardrobe. The modern man loves both a pinstripe suit and a denim jean…but he is addicted to neither. His normal week might include two sartorial suit days, a dress down denim day, an ornate sport coat with open collar day, and perhaps a washed shirt-loosened tie day.”

Minahan goes on to say,

“There is nothing casual about the planning of today’s casual wear. It must be precise and appealing, as it is as important to the modern, professional man’s ‘appearance image’ as his navy suit. Gitman offers shirts whose cloth and fit recognize and accomodate this reality. A Gitman shirt is now what it has been for generations…the iconic American shirt of its era.”

What is your all-time favorite Gitman shirt?

Don’t have one? Maybe it’s time to get a new favorite or two in the mix!

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