Shoe Restoration

You can have shoes restored to practically their original condition through the Tom James Recrafting Service. It is awesome! We have received shoes that look like they were caught at the bottom of the river and were returned looking brand new. The cost is a fraction of replacing some pairs and worth every penny. Here are your options.

A. Recrafting – This process is done by stripping the old wax & polish build up, re-dyeing the uppers and applying a brand new protective finish, waxing and hand polishing the uppers to a high luster. The shoes are then resoled including new cork insoles and full heels.

B. Prestige Package – This process combines the first process but also includes new full cedar shoetrees and a cotton flannel shoe bag for travel and protection.

Note:Some Vibram soled shoes cannot be resoled or refinished. Italian and domestic soled shoes are distinguished upon the recrafting and the proper sole is added.

scuffed shoes By eschipul

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