The Who, What, and When of Wardrobe Choices

Custom Tailored Suit


  • Navy suits – Worn for opening statements of a trial, meeting a prospective client for the first time, conducting partner meetings and attending dinner banquets.

  • Charcoal gray suits – Worn for closing statements, pushing for policy change, visiting a potential client for the second time, and
    meeting with your opponent’s attorney.

  • Blue-gray suits – Worn for overnight business travel, meeting internally for administrative details, recruiting, interviewing, and hiring.

  • Light-gray suits – Worn for detail day in the office, Casual day for staff but not for you, end of the week, or a lunch date that
    happens to be the highlight of your week.

  • Earth-tone suits – Worn to visit clients when you’ve just lost the case, depositions, and associate and team meetings.


  • Navy suits – Worn for board of directors meetings, presentations to discuss your company’s success, evening affairs when tuxedos are optional.

  • Charcoal gray suits: Worn when acquiring a new business, at a stockholder meeting, and when making an important financial decision.
  • Blue-gray suits – Worn for overnight visits with important clients for a firm, but fair, image.

  • Light-gray suits – Worn for a casual look with an executive touch, when unplanned meetings may occur and for your Thursday

  • Earth-tone suits – Worn for company photographs and social functions, meetings with small business owners, one-on-one’s with a new hire and for an approachable, relaxed look.


  • Navy suits – Worn when presenting your services for a prospective client for the first time, guest speaker at a seminar, the day you become partner of the firm.

  • Charcoal gray suits – Worn for that strong financial look when presenting audit review with client, for second appointment with
    prospective client, shareholder meeting.

  • Blue-gray suits – Worn for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, traveling for a two day meeting, to inspire trust and respect.

  • Light-gray suits – Casual look without wearing a sport coat, office day suit, confident and charismatic look, for staff meetings and all day client appointments.

  • Earth-tone suits – Best color for public relations photographs, to meet and inform client they owe the IRS, when meeting
    associates and staff members.

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