How to Pick the Perfect Suit

Maximize your clothing investment by following these 4 guidelines

With the advent of spring (and summer just around the corner), we see the return of an age-old challenge for men and dress shoes: hot, sweaty feet. Did you know that the average person’s feet release up to a half of pint of moisture per day? This moisture can destroy your fine shoes faster than anything else.

So what is a person to do?

The first thing you can do is change your socks at least once a
day. Avoid cotton socks; instead, choose small fiber wool or
acrylic blend socks which will wick moisture away from your feet.
Your feet will then feel more dry and comfortable, but the
moisture will still permeate your shoes. This is, unfortunately, unavoidable. So how do we get the moisture out of your shoes, insuring them a long and healthy life?

The first solution is always to use shoe trees, specifically cedar, not plastic. The cedar absorbs the moisture (and with it, odor) from the leather. Have cedar shoe trees in each pair of shoes at all times when not in use. The second solution is to
rotate your shoes. Never wear the same
pair of shoes two days in a row if you can
help it. Give the leather in your shoes time
to air out and you will find that they last
much longer – and smell much better.

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