The Color of Emotion

How to select the right color clothing for any business situation

The world we live in is highly produced and packaged.
As consumers, the first thing we evaluate in a product is its packaging. More often than not, we select a product based on the impact and perceived credibility of its packaging.
While subsequent purchases will be tied more to actual performance, the initial decision is largely based on appearance.

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The Essential Suits of a Well Stocked Closet

One of our commitments as your clothier is to help you develop and maintain a wardrobe that will allow you to be properly dressed for any occasion, whether business, social, formal or casual. To that end, here is a time-tested guideline for the building of a suit inventory that will do just that. If you only have these six, you can be confident that you have something that will be right for any occasion that requires a suit. If your closet lacks one of these, it needs work, even if you have two or three times this number of suits.

Navy Solid – The cornerstone of every well-conceived wardrobe, and the most versatile suit that you can own. . This is your wedding and funeral suit – a tasteful and respectful choice for those situations. While the black suit has been in vogue recently, most people look better in navy – cooler tones for clear skin tones, warmer ones of those with gold undertones in their skin & hair.

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The French Cuff Shirt

I do not like to wear French Cuff shirts because they are too much trouble in the morning.

French Cuff Cufflink

Does this sound like you?

Most gentlemen do not know that there is a simple way to put on a French Cuff shirt so as to eliminate the hassle.

You fold over the cuff and put your cuff link through the cuff so that it is ready to wear before you put the shirt on.

Most gentlemen try and do it after they put the shirt on and then the trouble, imperfect fold and frustration set in.

You should be able to then stick your hand through the sleeve and cuff, but be careful so as not to apply too much pressure on your cufflink set.

Layering Luxe

Tips on using layered knitwear to create warm and stylish looks for Fall

Cashmere and Merino Sweaters

Cashmere and Merino classics never go out of style and are the cornerstone of your Fall casual wardrobe. Crews, v-necks and sweater vests in traditional solids are staples for casual days at the office and weekends. They look great with jeans, corduroys and khakis, and can be worn in a variety of ways, from a T-shirt underneath to a button-down sport shirt.

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