Express Yourself: Choose with Care your Shirts and Ties


If the truth be told, any article of clothing you wear is afforded some opportunity for self-expression. Even your undergarments – from traditional boxers shorts to the more ”evolved” Tommy John. Had to throw that in there because I knew where some of your minds immediately went too. Tom ain’t no fool!

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How to spell Comfort: A-G-A-V-E

Courage, compassion, conservation, confidence and, most emphatically, comfort describe what Agave Denim lifestyle clothing is all about. Tom James and our customers like Agave for several reasons, not the least of which is that, like most Tom James clothing, Agave products are Made-in-the U.S.A. Designed in Portland, Oregon and carefully sewn and hand-finished in Southern California, Agave jeans and T-shirts epitomize a “West Coast” vibe. What’s more, Agave production is environmentally sustainable, using luxurious fabrics that are soft and that want to move with you.

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Button-Up Shirts: The Right Balance, the Perfect Mix

Dressing in a way that allows you to move confidently from a day at the office to a night on the town is all about striking the right balance between tailored and relaxed, the perfect mix of dressy and casual elements. Within the world of Tom James, a brand that epitomizes this attitude with a modern, global perspective, are dress shirts and sport shirts from Gitman Bros. of Ashland, Pennsylvania.

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Practical Luxury for your Complete Lifestyle: Holland & Sherry

“Make every day a Holland & Sherry day!”  

– Dougal Munro, President, Holland & Sherry, Inc.

For most of their 175 plus year history, Holland & Sherry has been known primarily as a standard setting provider of luxury cloth used by prestigious tailors and luxury tailored clothing brands. That legacy continues today, stronger than ever. The exciting news is that the Holland & Sherry story is writing new chapters, extending the brand to other aspects of a complete luxury lifestyle.

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