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What’s in your Closet?


Client: Rhett McSweeney
Profession: Attorney representing Plaintiffs in Mass Tort
Clothier: Matt Parsons – Minneapolis, MN

When they met in 2006, Rhett told Matt that if he could make him clothes that fit and style them to his personal taste and current fashion, then he would have a happy client for life. Matt told me, “I’m happy to say that we have been able to consistently do all of that.” Matt also mentioned that if you ever get invited to Mr. McSweeney’s St. Patrick’s Day party at the Mansion, you should clear your schedule and plan to attend.

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Pushing the Limits to create a Signature Style

A look into the Life and Closet of Tom James Client: Phil Graham

The clothing that Phil Graham selects is an integral and highly visible part of his personal brand. With the assistance of his Tom James clothier, Duncan Ham, Mr. Graham has been able to develop a signature style and a wardrobe that is distinct and particularly suited to his profession, personality, and aspirations.

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TUMI: More than the perfect carry-on luggage

Most business travelers are at least aware of the TUMI brand of luggage…especially the carry-on sized roller bags that fit in the overhead bins on most airlines. I never travel without the one I’ve owned for a few years. It works like a dream and still looks like new.

But did you know that they are also making an ever-expanding range of supremely well-designed travel accessories? Admittedly, I didn’t know about some of these genius ideas until recently, but that’s what I and my TJ Associates are here for… looking out for your total wardrobe experience.”

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The Collar and Cuffs set the Tone! (part 2)

At the end of your shirt sleeves are cuffs, and at the end of those cuffs are your hands, which are both exposed (unless you’re wearing gloves) and expressive. When you point at something, reach for the check or extend your hand to shake that of another, your shirt cuff is momentarily front and center.

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