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Where are you going All Dressed Up like that?

When Formal Attire is Required

The invitation might have read: “You’re invited to dinner this evening at our home. It will be small group of family and friends, so one of your dinner jackets will be sufficient attire.” Really? Yep! Believe it or not, it wasn’t so long ago, just four generations or less, when a man of some means and class would have been considered too casually dressed to be seen in public after 6pm (or when it got dark) if he were merely wearing what we call a Tuxedo or Dinner Jacket. Shoot, these days you barely need a jacket of any sort at most places. Culture has caved!

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Choosing the Best Fabrics for your Look and Lifestyle

Fill in the blank: “The touch, the feel of ________, the fabric of our lives!”

Did you get it right away? It may depend on your age. Complete with a catchy tune that has been updated for each successive generation (and that is probably now playing in your mind. You’re welcome!), the familiar sentence is the slogan for a long-running ad campaign of the trade organization, Cotton Incorporated. For most of us, the fabrics of our lives include cotton, several other natural fibers and an assortment of synthetics. During the next two or three weeks we will put some focus on fibers and fabrics, and how to choose the fabrics that are best suited for your chosen look and lifestyle.

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Practical Luxury for your Complete Lifestyle: Holland & Sherry

“Make every day a Holland & Sherry day!”  

– Dougal Munro, President, Holland & Sherry, Inc.

For most of their 175 plus year history, Holland & Sherry has been known primarily as a standard setting provider of luxury cloth used by prestigious tailors and luxury tailored clothing brands. That legacy continues today, stronger than ever. The exciting news is that the Holland & Sherry story is writing new chapters, extending the brand to other aspects of a complete luxury lifestyle.

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