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Tailgate Ready

Dressing the Best at the Tailgate

Pity the man with the vegetable tray. I really have nothing against cut up vegetables and Ranch dip, but I’m glad that I wasn’t the one who showed up at the season’s first Tailgate party with that in hand. It’s just better form to arrive with most anything wrapped in bacon, great sausage to throw on the grill, a bottle of really good Napa Cab or a great new micro brew. All that being said, if you are not the host, what would be worse than not bringing something excellent to share would be to arrive empty-handed.

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The Foundation of a Better Fit

Try this on for a concept: An undershirt that fits as well as your perfectly tailored custom dress shirt.

Keeping with the theme of choosing fabrics that best fit your look and lifestyle, what could be more foundational than the undergarment? Men’s underwear doesn’t get the same attention as a Victoria’s Secret prime time fashion show (probably best to keep it that way), but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening to update the look and feel of men’s underwear. Men’s underwear is undergoing a serious revolution due to technological innovation and a proliferation of new brands.

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New math applied to Sportswear: 3 + 1 = 5

Getting dressed for your summer weekends and down-time has never been so easy… and stylish.

The Question:
“What can I wear that with?”
I hear that from customers all the time. Most men are reluctant to buy a shirt that they can wear with only one particular jacket or pair of pants. If we buy a new sport jacket we want to make sure that we have at least two pants and three or four shirts that will look good with it. It’s important to make sure that the new wardrobe investment won’t spend most of the time just hanging in the closet or neatly folded in a drawer.
Since it’s summertime, and you’re going to be casually dressed for warm weather as much as possible for the next ten weeks or so, we have an idea that will make it almost too easy to answer “what can I wear that with?” and have you always looking good.

The Solution:
Three shirts + One pair of shorts = Five distinctly different looks.

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Don’t give Dad a new Tie for Father’s Day

(That is, until you read this!)

Men who wear ties given to them by their children (bless their good intentions!) are doomed to wearing bad ties – ties that are vulgar, distracting, and sartorially, if not socially, offensive. OK, you may be the one, rare exception to that rule. But the rule is that ties which are given as gifts (whether by children or most anyone else) exhibit more whimsy than elegance, more flash than dance.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t want a new tie or two somewhere around the middle of June. Of course you should. That is an excellent time to be adding some new classic or seasonal neckwear to your repertoire of wardrobe accessories. I’m just saying that you should be choosy and particular about what those new ties look like and of what materials and how they are made. On that note, here are three to suggest to anyone who may be inclined to gift you with a tie.

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