Socks for Men: The New Black is anything but Black.

black socksWho really thinks that much about socks?  Can’t a guy just have a drawer full of black socks and get on with life?  Black socks go with pretty much everything right? Especially if all of my dress shoes are black?  Well of course you could take that approach.  And I could just eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day.  Don’t get me wrong.  Simple, black socks for men have their place, especially if the occasion is particularly formal or somber.  On a related note, socks that match the color of your pants are technically correct.

blue pattern socksBut, if you ask me, one would do better than just PB&J by eating an interesting, delicious, and well-balanced diet.  A variety of flavors, textures, and visual presentation adds much to the pleasure of eating and dining.  And we all know about the health benefits of leafy greens in the diet.

By the same token, moving beyond just black solid to socks with some color and pattern, that coordinate with your custom suits, jackets, shirts and pants, and which are appropriate to the occasion, venue, or season, can heighten your visual communication.  And truthfully, socks are more like the dressing on the salad or the sauce on the main course.  Minor, not major.  But a small thing that can make a big difference.

red dots on blueFrom The Suit, by Nicholas Antongiavanni, “For nothing more enlivens a man’s appearance at so little a cost than an adventurous yet tasteful pair of socks.” Simple. Succinct. Well said.  But let me break that down.   An enlivened appearance makes a greater impact than a dull appearance.  There are many ways to achieve that, adventurous socks being one of them.   Not having to spend a lot to get that extra impact?  Hard to argue against that.  Adventurous, yet tasteful.  There are two sides to every coin.  Keep it all in balance.  Remaining tasteful is the boundary, and that’s where further discussion is warranted.

A final word.  Take stock of your Socks!


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