The Foundation of a Better Fit

Try this on for a concept: An undershirt that fits as well as your perfectly tailored custom dress shirt.

Keeping with the theme of choosing fabrics that best fit your look and lifestyle, what could be more foundational than the undergarment? Men’s underwear doesn’t get the same attention as a Victoria’s Secret prime time fashion show (probably best to keep it that way), but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening to update the look and feel of men’s underwear. Men’s underwear is undergoing a serious revolution due to technological innovation and a proliferation of new brands.

Not that there aren’t other advantages, but improved comfort and performance through better fit is driving most of the innovation. Tom Patterson, the founder of TOMMY JOHN, was fed up with how his undershirt fit and set out to make the ultimate undershirt.

With most clothing fitting trimmer now than it did just a few years ago, how an undershirt fits is even more noticeable and important. The tendency of most traditional cotton undershirts is to be too bulky and baggy, and to not stay tucked in. Tommy John undershirts solve both of those problems with smart fabric technology and Tailored-Stretch-Technology.

OK, I know what some of you are thinking. Like me, you may not have six pack abs and a 33” waist. Not too worry. The Tommy John products are designed to stretch and fit most any body type and still be comfortable. This is not shape wear! To the contrary, Tommy John will be the most comfortable underwear you’ve ever worn. Once you put it on, you can stop thinking about it and just be cool and comfortable all day.

Tom James and Tommy John, TJ and TJ. They get along pretty well.

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