Enjoy your Life….you know!

How clothing choices elevate life

The second in a series of three featured clients, Greg is a man who figured out early in life to give most of his attention to the big things, not the small stuff. Making good choices about education and career, who to spend your life with, values and a code of ethics to live by….those are some of the big things. Oh sure, the small stuff matters, like how you tie your tie or wearing shoes that are shined. Choosing the best colors to wear and coordinating colors and patterns in interesting ways adds to the enjoyment. As does being dressed in a way that respects the venue, occasion, and participants. So, yeah, you should sweat the small stuff too.

But, as Greg puts it, the real rewards come to those who persevere, who keep plugging away, and to those who do right by others. The success that comes from that provides for more to choices, more options,….more enjoyment.

As you watch the video you will see that Greg’s style of dress is different from Tim , who we featured on earlier this week. Greg is a seasoned veteran in a creative industry, and his clothing choices reflect a man who both knows his limits and who is also comfortable with color and pattern and pushing the envelope to raise the enjoyment from getting dressed each day.

Dress up and enjoy the day!

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